Semporna Enak Restaurant

Since we have limited place to eat during lunch time (around Rimba, and if we need to save some cash), we tried out Semporna Enak (located at the same building as Khaz Corner, Rimba). What’s memorable of this place would be the cheap and tasty Kolomee. I think the price was $2.50 (or was it $3?) for one, and the portion is quite generous too. Pichan totally fell in love with the Kolomee. I would give it an 8 out of 10. (But of course, I’m still in love with Babu’s Kitchen Kolomee – and this will go into another post! Yes, more kolomee post coming up. And if I get a dollar for every time I say ‘kolomee’, I can get myself bowls of kolomee.)


The second time I visited this place, I tried their Seafood Hokkien Mee. Also, not disappointing at all. And again, generous portion. And quick service. 7.8 out of 10!


And of course, what’s a blog post without a picture of me (and my friends k? Lol Smile with tongue out)


(Excuse the crappy review. No reasons.)


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