Food Remix!

I just finished eating my first dose of Food Remix and it deserves a write up right after I finished having it (seriously, if only I can blog in my brain!)

As a big fan of Nando’s (and a freaking spicy lover), I knew I had to try this. I saw a lot of comments saying how it tastes so much like Nando’s.

But.. I beg to differ. Food Remix is nothing like Nando’s, do not compare them. I love Food Remix’s perrified sauce! LOVE. Nothing can explain how nice the sauce is, it was like party in my mouth! The spiciness, tangy, sour. It all blends so well together. But don’t you dare compare it with Nando’s. Both have their own flavors. I love both Nando’s and Food Remix the same. Despite having bottles of Nando’s sauce at home, I have to admit that I am officially in love with Food Remix. Am I exaggerating? Or maybe this is the side effect of having some just now?

If I knew my sister was going to order some, I would have asked for the meat ball as well. Oh well.

Anyways, 9.5 out of 10 by Miiksy! A must try. Definitely a must try. Spicy lovers, always go for perrified! It’s da bomb!



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