Food Remix Part Deux

Hi! Nope, not the continuation of my Seoul trip posts yet . Soon! (But incase you guys missed it, here’s my first Seoul Guide)

Ordered Food Remix again, this time, for my iftar. One thing I regret was that I forgot to tell them to give all thighs instead of thighs AND chicken breast (not a fan haha!) and also to ask them if I can have extra sauce (or if they sell some, because one is not enough for me) Oh well.

Ordered 6 sets, 2 of each kind – easy, normal and obviously, perrified for me!

In addition to my incomplete post previously (and since I’m blogging using my laptop at the mo)… 1/4 sets (with sides) are $6 each. Although I think the sauce is a little less spicier than before, I’m still not disappointed.

Side note: again, excuse the bad quality photo. And I didn’t even add any filter. So meh. Time to change my Samsung Galaxy SII to SIV?

imageAnd this time, I managed to get myself their Swedish House Meatball! It costs $5 without sides. I haven’t eaten enough of other meatballs to actually comment on Food Remix’s, but nevertheless, it was good. It also comes with gravy and jam. (Again, excuse my crappy grammar. I kennot Engrish ever since semester break started)


For their full menu and contact numbers, do visit their Instagram @foodremix (Pick up is at Telanai and they do deliveries too!)

Alright, time for me to rest this happy tummy.



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