Kkultarae – 꿀타래

What is Kkultarae?
The first time I’ve heard of this was from my close friend and better half, Lynnie. We met on the day I got to Seoul, and when we passed through the kiosk, family and I decided to give it a try.

It’s a taffy candy made up of honey and soy flour, filled with a choice of peanuts and almonds, and other seeds. To be honest it was quite pricey but it was worth it, and it tastes so good. Perfect for gift. A quick note though – make sure you put it in the refrigerator so ‘inda masuk angin’. Other wise, it’ll be hard as rock.

A box of 10 pieces costs 5,000 won and the price is fixed – no bargaining! But with every 5 box you buy, you will get one ‘service’ (free box).
Since the whole family bought a lot of these, and the fact that the other ahjussi likes my Korean, I managed to get the pricier one as my service (chocolate-tarae!)


He was the ahjussi I dealt with every time we re-stocked our Kkultarae (and there was another man as well). They usually let you try one and show you how it is made. The two ahjussi are very friendly and speaks minimal English. So most of the time I spoke both English and Korean to them. They were quite pleased with my broken Korean hahaha!


Kkultarae also comes in Chocolate (Chocolate-tarae) and Green Tea (as a substitute of soy flour used in the normal Kkultarae). Also it costs a little bit more than the usual. I never tried Green Tea but Chocolate was nice.

This costs 7,000 won per box.



Give this a try when you’re in Seoul. It’s worth trying!

Where to get this? It’s pretty easy to locate. Get off Myeongdong 명동  Station, Exit 6, the first one you see on your left (also you can walk straight ahead, that is where shopping place is located – that deserves another post) – only peanut, almond and chocolate available here.

Another place is in Namdaemun Market, however I cannot tell you the exact locations (there are two here) because I found both while walking around.


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