Rabokki – 라볶이

I’ve tried Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) at The Street Café, KL (and recently at Yam Yam Restaurant Batu Bersurat – it was heavenly good! Also deserves a separate post).

But what’s the point of going to Seoul without eating one from its homeland?

Got to try it when I went to Edae 이대 (Short for Ewha Women’s University – Ewha Daehakgyo Station) to meet Lynnie. We went to a place called Food Café and tried Rabokki (라볶이) – a combination of Ramyun (Korean’s version of instant noodle) and Ddeokbokki – spicy rice cakes, with veggies and fish cakes. 20130612_112049

It wasn’t as spicy as the one I tried in Yam Yam, but it was worth the experience (and it costed around 2,000 or 3,000 won if I’m not mistaken). Also, in typical Korean Restaurants, spoon/fork/chopsticks are placed under the table, and water is usually free and self-service.

And one thing I am amused with in Korea is the fact that you can pay anything with credit card. Even for a bowl of Rabokki. And they don’t usually care about signing the thing like we do in Brunei (and that we have a limit of BND20 in order to use our credit card).


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