N Seoul Tower–N 서울 타워

Note – post overloaded with pictures!

Also known as Namsan Tower, known as one of the places for couples to go on a date. If you’ve watched K-shows or K-dramas, you can see scenes where the couples go on the cable car, or walk to the tower, and put locks on the gates with their names and wishes on it, and throw the keys to the ground so it cannot be found anymore, as a symbol of their everlasting love. Of course, that is all superstitious, so some people do it for the sake of just doing it. (Bring your own lock if you want. And markers. They do sell it as well, but save that cash haha!)
This place was featured in Running Man Episode 6.

Since I stayed at Namsan Guest House, it was only less than 5 minutes walk uphill to Namsan Cable Car. And apparently, in the family, only dad and I are fond of actually visiting places and not just shopping, so both of us went there with Waiz.

Direction: Get off from Myeongdong Station Exit 3, turn left and you will see 7-Eleven, just walk straight uphill. Don’t turn left, or right. Just walk all the way uphill (it gets steeper). When you’re almost at the end of the way, you can see a building with the sign “Namsan Cable Car” on your right (walk upstairs and turn left) OR you can walk straight to the end and turn left if you fancy more walking. It should take you roughly 10 to 15 minutes walk, depending on your speed.

Hours: 10AM to 11PM daily (closes at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays)

As for when to go, morning is better as there will be less people and the weather will still be cool. Otherwise, do enjoy the striking hot sun. Or you can go at night and enjoy the night view.


After you turn left, you will see the building (as shown below). Enter the building and you can see the ticketing counter on your left.


You can either buy a round trip ticket (you go back here and walk downhill and can probably enjoy shopping at Myeongdong (go back inside the station and go out of exit 6) afterwards. Or you can buy a one way ticket and go through another exit (which I have no idea where).

Ticket prices:
Round Ticket – 8000 won per adult and 5000 won per child
One-way Ticket – 6000 won per adult and 3500 won per child

If you buy M-Pass, sometimes they give discount vouchers, so look out for discounts to visit the tower.
Also please be notes, this is ONLY the price for CABLE CAR. To go up the tower, you have to buy another ticket outside the entrance of the tower. We did not go up there. The place where people lock their locks is free.


When you arrive there, you still have to walk up the stairs (Korea loves to make people walk, really!). You can see a booth where you can wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) for free, and a place to take picture with the Hanbok. It also serves as a place for martial art performance – they will tell you when the show time is.




Turned out I did not take any picture of where the ticketing booth is. It’s on the left side – refer to the picture below.


You can view part of Seoul even from here and there’s this telescope thing (you only have to pay 500 won)


Meet Haechi – animal of justice and integrity – the symbol of Korea. It was featured on of the earlier episodes of Running Man.


Right infront of the tower is Namsan Park (남산 공원)


And that concludes my day at N Seoul Tower!


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