Namdaemun Market – 남대문 시장

One thing about this market is that the price isn’t actually cheaper. Some of the clothing I found there cost almost the same like on normal shopping mall (20,000 won above – that’s roughly BND 22 above). Some doesn’t bargain and will not reduce their prices. Try your luck. Ask for DC (discount – they pronounce it as dee-shee). “DC juseyo!” (Trans: DC please!)

Namdaemun Market is quite a big one (probably around 10,000 shops around, ranging from cookware, clothing, skin care, umbrellas, food.) It has a lot of gates actually. To go there, get off Hoehyeon (회현) Station, Line 4, Exit 5 (this is one station away from Myeongdong). Right when you exit the place, you’ve already entered the market. Just walk to your right. On your left, there will be a big thing that says you’re on Gate 5 of Namdaemun Market.


As mentioned on one of my posts, there are a lot of ahjummas around the market sitting under the big umbrella. They are the money changer but I cannot guarantee you anything – I would recommend you to do it at an actual money changer.




This stall sells Hoddeok 호떡 – I made this once – the fillings are peanuts, brown sugar and cinnamon.


We actually spent most of our time here. Since it’s one station away from where we stayed, and the fact that it is quite a big place, we had so much to explore. Also, it is recommended to come here in the morning since it won’t be as hot.

For girls out there, you must must must visit the place I am about to tell you next.
Nammun (남문), Lengdang (렝당) and One Lengdang (원렝당). This place sells a lot of accessories, brooches. Most of it are handmade at the place itself, and they prefers wholesale. I managed to get some freebies from the nice ahjummeoni as she was amazed with my speaking and writing skills, and the fact that she never heard of Brunei before.

Not far from Exit 5 of the station –  if I am not mistaken, turn right at Exit 5, and turn right and go straight. Otherwise, ask around “ (insert name of place) nun eodi isseoyo?”



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