Kebab around Seoul

Due to the fact that it was hard to find halal restaurants (other than in Itaewon, and luckily enough there’s two where we lived), most of the time we snack on Kebabs.

To be honest it was hard for me to figure out which post to write first, or whether I should separate food posts an whatnot since I’m writing all my Seoul places one post per place instead of my usual daily-visit-posts.

For this, I will put all my kebab posts on one post only. And don’t worry, there are more around Seoul, especially in Itaewon. It’s time for you to explore as well Smile

Pizza Plus – Dongdaemun, Line 1, Exit 5 (walk straight, probably 10-15 steps away)
Initial plan was to go to the place where there are a lot of kain (fabrics), we only found buildings with fabrics made to order, specially for clothing companies. So, we decided to just have our lunch and found our way to this place.

Pizza Plus serves not only kebab, but pizza as well as hamburger. So yay, more choices!
Price range : 3,500-8,000won



Mr Kebab – Itaewon, Exit 3, walk straight, next to Dunkin’ Donut. There’s also another kebab place before Mr Kebab – you’ll be spoilt with choices
This is one of the most famous place among Malay tourists actually, and by far, the best kebab I’ve ever tasted. The. Best.
Price range : I don’t remember but probably around 4,000won and above – depending on your choice


They also sells Turkish Ice-cream outside the door – remember the funny ice-cream man Jaesuk found when they did Running Man in Thailand?


Adnan Kebab (아드난 게밥) – Namdaemun Market, Hoehyeon Station, between Exit 5 and 6, near roadside – not inside the market. You cannot actually see the shop’s name (even if you do, it’s written in Korean) but you can see one big Halal signboard so it’s very easy to find. There’s a bank (NH Bank) next to it.
This shop isn’t like a shop (more like for take-outs) but he provides a few chairs for you to sit, right in front of the bank.

The kebab is nice but the chilli is spicy (although not too spicy). I like this as well (but again, Mr Kebab wins my vote)
Price range: 4,000won-4,500won




  1. The seller today is not friendly at all. I told him to wrap the kebab after he already prepared and he almost scolded me why telling him now and didnt tell from the beginning. How do i know he is going to pack it like that if that was the first time i came here. Definitely wont come here to buy again.

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