Where to eat in Seoul?

For Muslims, it has always been a concern on where to eat especially in countries where Muslims are the minorities. Other than kebabs (which are usually for takeaways, or quick lunch), we went to restaurants for heavy lunch. But I have to warn you, the food is quite pricey (usually at least BND$20 per pax).

Itaewon 이태원

If you’ve gone through blogs and such, you will know that Itaewon is one of those tourist places in Seoul. Itaewon is also the home of their very own Seoul Central Masjid – sadly we did not managed to find our ways there. InsyaAllah, if there’s going to be a second trip, I will do so. And because of this, Itaewon has a lot of Halal Kebab and Restaurants compared to other places.

Other than Mr Kebab, we dined at Kervan Turkish Restaurant (twice!).. Yes, it is pricey but I can say, it was worth coming back twice.

They are open from 11AM to 10PM.
Directions: Get off Itaewon (이태원) Station, Exit 3. Just walk straight (you’ll see a kebab place before that, and Kervan is BEFORE Mr Kebab, on the 2nd floor). You’ll see a sign board (refer to photo below), there’s staircase on the left side. Just go up and you’ll see the restaurant. It’s always full of people too! 


Lavash – bread ‘baked like a balloon’. Asked for Hummus to go with it. Total goodness!


The dishes I had there was Beef Sish and this chicken dish I forgot what the name was. The meat was tender, chicken meat was so juicy. These are the food that can make you cry. Absolute perfection. I may sound like I exaggerated too much, but I gotta tell you, these are so good, no regret in coming here countless times.

Another restaurant we came across in Itaewon was Moghul. We stumbled upon this restaurant while trying to find where the Central Masjid was. I can’t tell you the exact location, but it’s behind Hamilton Hotel if I’m not mistaken? The food wasn’t as good, however was fulfilling enough. Moghul is a fine Indian/Paskitani Restaurant, thus the price is quite ‘exclusive too’.

They offer set menus ranging from 38,000 won above, chicken dishes starting from 17,000won up to 27,000 won, lunch sets at 16, 500 won…



Myeongdong 명동

Saffron Restaurant

I did not dine in this restaurant. Stumbled across this restaurant while walking around Myeongdong and figured out that you might need this as well. It is located on the first floor of Ibis Hotel, opposite Lotte Dept Store.

More review here.

Agra Restaurant

This restaurant is also located in Itaewon (saw it when I was walking around Itaewon, get off Exit 1, entrance is next to Burger King).
We went for lunch here twice (on our first day with my bestie, and then with my cousin) and take out once. One of the waiter (probably the only Muslim) was the nicest I’ve met. He kept offering us ‘service’ (unlike the Koreans) probably because he rarely see Muslims there. Also he reminded us that we can eat anything (lamb, prawn, veggies) but not the Chicken, if I’m not mistaken (although some sites says they use all halal meats, but I guess the waiter was saying the truth too). This place is nearer to the station compared to Saffron Restaurant.

Directions: Get off Exit 6 of Myeongdong (명동) Station. It’s difficult to guide you from here but if you see American Apparel store, you’re not far from the restaurant, near Coffee Bean.

Image source

(Only one food photo due to the low lighting – please click for larger view of the menu)



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