Gwanghwamun 광화문

Sorry for the delay! But here here here is a touristy post for you. Spent the day visiting since we did way too many shopping and very less touring. Big thanks to my cousin who kindly brought us around for a very touristy trip!

How to get here: Go on the subway LINE 5, go to Gwanghwamun (광화문) Station.

Exit 2 – Gwanhwamun Square (광화문광장)

We went out of Exit 2, and straight ahead was The Statue of King Sejong the Great.


Just nearby (I think you just walk straight ahead) is the entrance to The Story of King Sejong – where you can learn about his life, contributions and what not (the entrance also leads to an exhibition for Admiral Yi Sun Shin and Sejong Center Grand Theatre). And if you are a fan of Running Man, Episode 7 was filmed here! The place provides devices which explains to you everything on the exhibition if you would like to learn more.


Admiral Yi Sun Shin is very famous for the turtle ship (which was also featured in one of the Running Man episodes). In his part of exhibition hall, they placed a big structure of the Turtle Ship!


Near the exhibition hall of Yi Sun Shin, you can do a free calligraphy work of your name. If you can write in Hangeul, then you only need to learn how to hold the brush else the lady will kindly help you with spelling your name and your country.


Once you find the exit near Yi Sun Shin hall, you can walk along the Rain Garden (and the cross the street, right at the center of Seoul where you can see a statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin and water fountains.


The day we went there, there was a lot of kids playing with water at the fountains, and despite being in the middle of the roads, the view was nice, the flowers are pretty.


Wanna be a King and Queen for a day? Sure do. There’s free costumes and props nearby for you to borrow. Madre and Padre sure loves being one. Haha


Exit 5 – Cheonggyecheon Stream


We sat around here after the long walk. This place is also one of the places people go on a date to. You can walk along the stream and it’s quite cool down there.

Exit 4 – Kyobo Book Centre / Hottracks

This is a must-not-miss shop. It’s basically a big store selling books, stationaries, cd, albums, Instax cameras and films. You name it! Being a damn crazy fan of notebooks, I managed to grab a few there. There’s also a café located inside (ie Dunkin Donuts) where you can chill out while waiting for your friend to finish shopping and what not.

After a walk and shop there, you can go to IFC Mall, located on the same line (Line 5), 7 stations away. You will stop at Yeouido Station Exit 3. This will take roughly 16 minutes. This mall is also one of tourists favorite mall since there’s a lot of shops like Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Banana Republic. From Exit 3, you may also walk around Yeouido Park (5 minutes walk towards National Assembly building). For Muslims, if you’re looking for a place to eat, just go straight to Itaewon for a proper Halal meat. Else you can eat the bread (meat-less) from Paris Baguette. I recommend the Garlic Bread!



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