Seoul, bogoshipda!

Kinda have a post-Seoul depression at the moment. I guess I will end it now (skipping Dongdaemun and my ‘lost’ trip with Lynnie! hahaha)

I miss Seoul, I miss shopping there, I miss the morning walk I had with Lynnie around Edae (이대), I miss the fresh juice, the rabokki, the kkultarae!


I always go to the same juice stall at Myeongdong Station. Banana juice han-kae juseyo! Or the time I tried so hard asking this ahjumma at the juice stall at Namdaemun Market the price for sweet corn, and we both figured out how to communicate with my bad Korean and her basic English.


I also miss those days where I get to speak (and occasionally write) in Korean and amused them with my ‘skill’.

But I have more food posts pending, so Seoul posts shall end now.

Till we meet again. Seoul, neomu bogoshipda!

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