Yam Yam Sarang Korea Restaurant

To be honest, I was not a fan of any Korean group/band, food, etc. Until recently (2010). At first, I was like, ‘ah no, I just like these songs, and a few boys from these groups’. Then it goes on to ‘I love these boys! I must keep updating myself with their news! songs! albums!’. Also to a point where I actually created a Brunei fan-base for the boys I love (and yes, I still do love them, but no, the fan-base is not active anymore. I have too much on my hands). I also went through the phase of actually learning how to cook Korean food.

So I kept telling myself, ‘ no, you’re not obsessed. It was just a phase!’ until I realized how much albums and posters I have in my possession. Well, not exactly a lot as any other hard core fan girls but quite a lot for someone who can easily lose her interest in a matter of time (and the fact that I actually spend on these instead of my clothing is surprising). (Also big thanks to Lynnie for a couple of albums and posters as my birthday presents for the past two  years!)

Anyways, that was not the point of this blog post (or is it?). It’s been a while since I posted a proper food posts. And I’ve been delaying way too much because it took me a while to finish my Seoul trip (and I have Johor trip to write on but who knows when I’m gonna write that)

I went for my second trip to Yam Yam Sarang Korea Restaurant this morning to bring my bestie for her birthday breakfast (and because I was craving for some, so why not?)1b45d0ea32e011e39a0a22000a1fba82_6

First thing first, where this place is located? Batu Bersurat, the building next to Ricebowl Restaurant. But do take note of their opening time or you’ll end up with disappointed tummy. They are open from 10 am to 2 pm, and then 5 pm onwards.



An essential at any Korean Restaurants. Plates of complimentary side dishes.


떡볶이 Spicy Rice Cake – you may ask for non-spicy or spicy. This dish costs $15 for a Medium plate – good for two

One thing I love about this place is that you can have two flavors of chicken in one go instead of ordering two separate plates. These 2-in-1 combos costs $12-$12.50 and consists of probably around 8 pieces of chicken.
Their famous Yam Yam Chicken comes in 4 flavours  – an all original Fried Chicken, Yang Neom Chicken 양넘 치킨 (Seasoned chicken with chili and sweet sauce), Ganjang Chicken 간장 치킨  (seasoned chicken with Soy Garlic Sauce – my favourite!) and Bul-dak (seasoned with extremely spicy sauce – need to try this!)
The chicken is tender, juicy, seasoned nicely and I love love love how crispy the skin is!


양넘 치킨 + 간장 치킨 (Yangneom Chicken and Ganjang Chicken)


I tried the Pajeon (Pancake) during my previous visit but I guess my love is still for Koryo’s Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake).

This place serves a lot of authentic Korean dishes such as Kimchi Jjigae, Dolsot Bibimbap, Chicken Ginseng soup. I still need to try more dishes from here!

This place is definitely an 8.5 for me.


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