Universal Café, Seria

Now, where is my favorite place for breakfast in Seria? Of course it will be Universal Café!

This place looks super classic, like I’m in the 80s. The chairs and tables, the kitchen. I actually enjoy eating here and just sitting, looking at the oldies lepak. It’s quite full during weekends. Weekdays too, with a lot of Shell employees and old men lepak there watching us. Hahaha!

I love the teh c panas!


And you should never miss their French Toast with Cheese! One is never enough! They serve it with sugar on the side. And everyone usually eat it with ketchup (I know!) I found it weird at first (actually, I still do) BUT I still love it. (I felt like going there now as I’m writing this. Breakfast, anyone?)


And I love how their Soft boiled egg is cooked to perfection. Add a little bit of soy sauce and dashes of white pepper, walllllaa! Perfect. Also goes well with Roti Bakar!

20130918_0701391454680_10151839004508095_764931791_nPrice wise – it’s quite cheap.
Location – it’s located next to Baiduri Bank, Seria.


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