Pink roses

I just realized how much my makeup stack has grown! I started up with drug-store makeups (i.e Silky Girl) and continued with Maybelline. Now I’m finally moving on to NYX, ELF and several other Japanese brand makeups. It’s crazy! It’s insane!

I actually need to start cleaning my room and make some space to keep my makeup. Apparently my three different sizes makeup bags can’t fit everything anymore!

Anyways, I would like to say thank you to a certain someone for one of the best gift I’ve received this year (other than my new makeups from NYX, gifts from my clingy sister). Make up brushes! I actually chose it myself and turned out it’s actually a gift for me. A farewell gift actually, since I’m leaving the company in a week.

Also, thank you for teaching me basic makeup, which brush is for what. Thank you!


With this, I can finally play around and start taking things seriously! Yay! I have a lot more to learn and this, will be part of my 2014 resolution. To learn how to do proper makeup. Yep.

Below is my first proper makeup, made by yours truly. With a lot of help, of course. I have more to improve but I’m getting there!



(oh so gonna miss working!)


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