2013 Reflections

It’s the time of the year again. To reflect what I’ve done this year, what I’ve achieved and what I failed to achieve. And my new resolution. 3 days left. Anyone excited for 2014? (I have 2 working days left in BSP. I’M SAD Sad smile )

First thing first, resolution? Nothing new. Simply to be a better me. Instead of telling myself “I must exercise more this year!”, “I must spend less this year!”, I think it is better for me to simplify it to.. aiming to be a better me. A better self. A better human being.

Now, what have I achieved this year?

I started my own baking business. I kept it to a minimal. As a hobby actually. I did joined a 2-days bake sale and I did get good reviews from my friends, so yay! But due to the fact that I did my attachment program, I stopped taking orders for a while, or occasionally take orders. And now, luck ain’t really on my side. Our main oven broke down, and since I’ll be going to my final year soon (two semesters left!), I guess, it’s safer to be on hiatus for a while.


I finally took the courage to perform. In ITB. Singing. Well not solo of course but hey, I gained my strength back standing on my stage. When was my last time performing on stage anyway? (also I am out of my youtube, I occasionally do covers on soundcloud instead)


The video is actually our only take, and final rehearsal (with me alone) since my two other friends couldn’t attend. So excuse my singing – I had to sing for all three people including mine. That includes my attempt to sing with a higher note. And lower note. Total fail! But hey, I did it!

I also acted and danced on stage during IM Emblem Night. Not my first time acting on stage but I was still awkward. And the last time I danced on stage was years ago. Totally bad at dancing!


I learned how to do ‘proper’ make up – so achievement unlocked! Also upgraded to a non-drug store makeup (by that, a NYX. Still good enough for a beginner!)

Also I did my first ever Google+ Hangout!

I FINALLY went to Seoul and met my close friend, Lynnie, there! (Yes, if you’ve forgotten, she’s one of my closest, and people kept mistaking us as sisters. #CinaSisters) The place is amazing! Click here to view posts on my Seoul Trip!


I also went to Johor for some shopping before I started working! Nope I did not blog about it. (and yes I love Johor Premium Outlet! and yes, I met my favorite stars – Barney and Bob The Builder!)


Another achievement unlocked – played sport. For the first time. Actual sport. And in an actual tournament. Thank you to those who taught me how to play netball!

There are more, of course. But these are my main one. Nevertheless, it has been a great, great, great year! Thank you everyone who has made my 2013 wonderful. To the people who comes and goes, to everyone who has been with me every now and then. THANK YOU.

Here’s to 2014. To a hell new beginning.


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