ELF Makeup Haul + Review

Decided to write a review on my ELF Makeup Haul. So here you go! Got these from IG @pinsnthings ; ELF products are also available from Paloma Brunei.

Update as of 5 May 2014:

I got the brushes at a good price from @pinsnthings.. Recently, I followed another seller: @formakeupaddicts – she sells ELF brushes as well (pre-order basis). So far, she sells studio brushes (like mine). I bought myself a retractable lip brush. Love the packaging/design of the brush!

Another IG seller you can get your ELF products from is @blushnsmudge_bn She sells even more ELF products including HD Blush, powders, concealers and foundations.

Studio Brushes are pricey even on ELF website (and I recently check Paloma Brunei, the brushes are much more pricier!). Nevertheless, if you can actually get your hands on ELF brushes, you should. I highly recommend those! 7d2b226c49cc11e3a19412223bf7b269_6

I bought ELF Studio Stipple Brush and Powder Brush. I LOVE IT! Super soft on skin. These brushes are definitely my big hit!

I also bought ELF Essentials Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Black. A miss. It is definitely easy to draw using the pencil as it is smooth and creamy, the shimmer isn’t exactly too visible or pigmented so I was happy with that too. I also love the sharpener on the cap though some people actually find it annoying. BUT I will definitely will not repurchase this as it smudges way too easily. I’ve tried using eye primer and eye shadow base. Nothing helped. It smudges even 15 minutes after I applied it. And since the pencil is quite creamy, it breaks quite easily too. So that’s a big miss.

And my last purchase was ELF Brightening Eye Colour in Ocean Dreams

Finally tried out the eyeshadow (so thankful for the brushes!) I love love love the colours. I would repurchase more of ELF eye shadows if I can find more. I don’t remember how much I got it for (probably B$3).

After reading/watching ELF reviews, I found a video tutorial for the eye shadow I purchased. (Apparently you have to read reviews first before purchasing their products, there are a lot of hits and misses.)

imageThe outcome of my attempt to create soft smokey eyes according to the tutorial. Achievement unlocked! (Please bear with the quality of my photos. Counting days till I buy a new phone for myself!)

imageimageimageProducts used: ELF Ocean Dreams Eyeshadow, Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, IN2IT Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul.

(Updated 4/10/2014 – Re-did this look for my birthday!




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