A farewell

I hate, hate, hate goodbyes. I had to say it when I left Mr Baker one and a half year ago. And now, I have to say goodbye not only to the company, but to everyone whom I’ve worked with, hangout with.. Of course, this won’t be the end (considering the fact that I am clingy hahahha!)

I know I didn’t say much when I gave my speech during our farewell lunch – karang menangis ku sana, siapa kan memujuk? Hahaha! Also, kamu, please jangan nangis reading this.  (also excuse broken english ku sini)

I will miss my messy desk the most. Yep. Tempat suka duka ku.07b60d8842cb11e3ae7f22000ae912b7_69629ff50227f11e3abf522000ae801e0_6125fccf0106811e3bd9022000a1fa522_6

First thing first, thank you EVERYONE for welcoming me into the department, into the family. Thank you GK, Hjh Jun, Ka Sukinah, Alvin, Hadi and Laila. Although we didn’t spent that much time together, it’s been a pleasure to have you guys around me. And sorry Hadi pasal selalu jadi mangsa bully ku. Hahaha!


(awu gambar sama bos pun aku bulih beulah, hahaha!)

To Izat/Ka Izat, thank you for helping me out from Day One. For guiding me through everything. For dengani lunch masa everyone abandoned me for training Smile with tongue out For listening to all my kusut every single day Ummi wasn’t around (pasal Ummi paling sanggup ‘terpaksa’ melayan) hahahha!


Dayah, thank you pasal melayan karenah ku yang macam-macam. Thank you for all the advices you’ve given me and guiding me for my presentation, while writing MOM masa meeting. Everything!


My future sister in law I mean Azy, dengan begossip (oops! hahaha), part of the #clingyfriends #frieskluada, I’m sorry that you had to bear with my nonsense most of the time (since I sat behind you). Thank you thank you thank you for bringing in jars of Speculoos for me! ilabyou! Nanti hi-tea lagi okay? Must. Update. Me. With. Everything. #pasalakuclingy


Ummi, the one who had to deal with me the most. Dari 7 pagi sampai balik, and after office hours jua. Haha! Thank you for dealing with me mengusut, listening to my curhat, dengani jogging, dengani satisfy all our food cravings, dengani liat wayang, dengani everything! You have been a super duper good sister to me. Thank you for all the advices, for helping me go through all my ups and downs. For belanja-ing me every now and then. For letting me stay at your place whenever I got too scared or too lazy to drive back home. For teaching me basic makeups, and getting me the wonderful brushes! Thank you for being someone I can be crazy with. Thank you for all the motivational speech you gave me. For insisting me to ‘jangan nangis!’ whenever I am down. Also thank you for letting me be clingy with you (sekali inseparable tarus. kemana-mana, mesti jua muka kitani dua) Thank you for everything! But this will not be a goodbye (pasal clingy and I know where you live. boh!!! hahaha) #DoubleUmmi



And thank you to those who made me get involved during the emblem night. Thank you Alex, Zahidah and Ifah, it’s been a pleasure knowing you guys. You guys are awesome!

Thank you Zul and Aziz, the two men who insisted on calling me “Sharifah”, who came to me kalau behajat (by that, behajat mencari makanan), selalu menjaling and then laughed whenever I get ‘mad’.

Abby, who kept insisting me to join netball (and yes, I did), and Ari, the two men who had to layan aku early in the morning the whole time Ummi was having her training. Thank you!

Matthew, who sometimes I had awkward moments with, I guess you will be reading this since you found my blog. Thank you for being such a nice friend in BSP. And you with your random acts like playing with my train keychain, or my purple monster, or every time you tried to make jokes (and you failed hahaha!)


The friends I’ve made during netball – thank you for helping me out the whole time, teaching me how to play, for understanding how I suck in playing the games.


Alya, who I just met recently after finding out we work at the same office during our Google+ Hangout. Thank you for the drink! It’s a shame that we only know each other when I’m almost done with my attachment program. But we’ll definitely meet again in the future!


And thank you IBA/2 Family for the sweetest Farewell Gift. For organizing the farewell lunch. For everything!


To those I did not mention, thank you, for everything! It’s been an awesome 23 weeks with all of you. I will miss working here. And I hope to actually work with any of you in the future. So, do pray for my success.



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