Skin Food Makeup Haul + Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam Review

I still have a lot of food posts pending on my drafts (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!) And Semester 4 finally started! Excited? Yes. Scared? Yes.

Anyways, I got myself a new phone so YAY! Let’s hope I can take better pictures now.

So! My first makeup haul in 2014. Decided to drop by Skin Food nearby.

I got  a pack of Black Sugar Mask Wash Off as a freebie. It claimed to provide luster and smoothness to skin. Gotta try it soon!

Update as of May 9th:
Tried this and I love it. It smells like a sweet tea. It removes blackheads well but it might be a little rough on your skin, so if you’re to use this, use it as gently as you can 🙂


I got myself a piece (yes, a piece) of Chlorella Nose Clear Patch. Simply because I needed one and it costs $1.60 (obviously cheaper when you get a box).

20140108-230307.jpgAND MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE! I finally (for now) found my new ultimate favorite eyeliner! I went there, straight away asked for “smudge-proof, waterproof eyeliner”. So far, my favorite has been a pain to deal with. Without fail, I will actually get smudges after a few hours. But this. This is the best I’ve found.

Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam (Black) – $22.90

After the eyeliner dries up, it does not smudge, it is waterproof. And it is easy to remove as well.



It comes with a short brush – which I love too. I know I should remove the sticker but I decided to just leave it the way it is..




The thickness of the lines are adjustable. I also surprisingly finds it easier to draw with this brush. It’s smooth to draw with, and a little hard to make sure it gives solid line. So another plus point for me.


I did not finish wearing my Maybelline, and this one seems to have more compared to Maybelline so.. I have no idea when I will finish wearing this.

But will I repurchase this? Definitely YES.

(I got these two at a discounted price so my total damage for my whole purchase was $19.60 instead of $24.50.)

So it’s been four months and my verdict for this eyeliner? Still love it! Except that it’s a pain that I have to wash the brush much more compared to Maybelline’s. The gel is quite dense and it hardens the brush. But, I guess that is not a problem considering it is one of my favorite item for 2014.




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