Colour Me Pink

20140118-231252.jpgWent out with my favorite! #DoubleUmmi day out. Went makeup hunting. Spent over my January budget but hey, why not?

Got myself elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler. You know I am a big fan of elf! It comes with an extra rubber and I got this from Paloma at $7.90 only!


We went around and tried different lipsticks. I, somehow got my eyes on the pinkiest pink I can get. I don’t know why. I actually wanted to stay away from that shade. Tried Holika Holika’s, I love the shade but since it is matte, and my lips were quite dry, it looked terrible. But I will get one from them one day. Tried The Face Shop’s as well but the shade is funkier than Holika Holika’s. So we skipped both.

Went straight to The Body Shop since I was looking for a gift for someone and I ended up with one for myself!

Bought The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Lipstick – in Redhot Raspberry for me and Damson In Distress for someone. I tried Passionate Pink and Redhot Raspberry and settled for the latter.

20140118-231336.jpgI absolutely LOVE the packaging!



20140118-231417.jpgRedhot Raspberry in flash

20140118-231424.jpgRedhot Raspberry in natural lighting

The photos don’t do any justice on how beautiful the shade is (also please excuse my asian pose.)


20140118-231446.jpgHow the shade looked like on me under yellow lighting

There’s discount when I purchased these. I got the lipstick at $15+ each. Actual price is $19.90.

I think I should stop purchasing makeup for the time being. It’s not even February yet!


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