Bistro Chez Fio

After months (!), I finally got to try Bistro Chez Fio. I’ve read great reviews, and awesome pictures. So I was ecstatic when sister agreed for a brunch date here.


20140210-131235.jpgWhat I love about this place? The environment. The music. There was a group of people and us, so it was quiet. Just perfect for me. I also love the service! The staffs are super friendly and amazing. They even poured my drink into my glass for me (probably because I was too busy talking with my sister, so after five minutes, one of the staff came over and poured my coke for me LOL!)


Sister had the Chicken Avocado Club. I love this! The avocado is made into puree so you can actually taste the smoothness when biting the sandwich. I think it came with pumpkin soup (not a fan of pumpkin so I only had a sip of it). This costs $14.

20140210-131257.jpgAnd of course! I finally tried the Peanut Butter Extreme Burger. I love Peanut Butter! I love the bun, the meat, the sauce, the fries. I am not a fan of fries, but this, I. LOVE. IT. It took time for me to eat the burger though. Not used to eating a burger with fork and knife (but obviously stuffing myself with the burger will be impossible). Will I come back for this? Why not. This costs $15. It may not look fulfilling but trust me, it is. Thumbs up for this!


20140210-131214.jpgWe also had the chocolate chip muffin ($3). Another favorite. It’s not dry and it is definitely baked to perfection. Also, I love the chocolate chips. Yums! Another must try!

20140210-131359.jpgPrice wise, probably not an everyday-go-to place but their great food will not stop me from coming back for more.

Bistro Chez Fio (Facebook)

Unit 13, Ground Floor,
Block A, Q-lap Complex,
Kg. Kuilap, BE 1518
(Opposite Pet Link, Kiulap)

Mon – Sun, 8am – 6pm
Closed on Fridays, 12pm – 2pm


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