Oh hey March

20140308-140411.jpgCAN’T BELIEVE IT’S MARCH! Look at how much time I’ve wasted!

So school finally started, and I swear I think the lecturers planned a conspiracy with each other. The four school days I’ve attended, all packed with tests and assignments! The schedule here is only group assignments. ONLY.

Today I had to submit one group assignment and one individual assignment. On a freaking Saturday! So I ended up spending my morning trying to finish my assignment and submitted both right before lunch. And now, I am still in the library, waiting to start group discussion for another assignment. EXHAUSTED. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

I guess, even though my timetable is quite free this semester, I am still packed with endless assignment, up until a week before reading week. 😦

I deserve a tub of ice cream right now.



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