20140406-205500.jpgWore red today. Bold. And it’s been a while since I last went out with makeup. So, I decided to put on a quick winged eye liner and my favorite red lipstick (Silky Girl in Vamp).

I’ve been trying to make things right, to make things how it was before. I had to keep myself busy. Got myself a part time job as a tutor – which I just found out, I enjoy teaching. Also I’ve been swamped with loads of assignments. At one point I had three to submit with additional two tests in one week. Also to a point where I ran all the way to my lecturer’s office and submitted the assignment one minute before it was due. CRAZY!

Three weeks until my exam and I’ll be done with my Semester 4. Being in final year is seriously stressing me out. I enjoy the stress but at one point, I did broke down (but of course, thanks to my girls for cheering me up).

And again, I ended up at the bad side of love. Things did not turn out well. But, I believe in qada’ and qadar. Maybe he was not the one. Or maybe he is. Biarlah. InsyaAllah, I’ll meet the one, one day. But until then, let me fix myself. Into a better person. One step at a time. InsyaAllah.

Excuse me for the ranting, but this is one of my outlet to express myself. I’ll be back with makeup and food reviews when I have the time. Until then.



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