Lime Crime Velvetines–Wishlist

Quick post! I promise!

Finally. First makeup item I decided to put in my wishlist!
Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry and Red Velvet!
(Images taken from Lime Crime website)





Red Velvet

Although it is liquid base, it dries off as matte. I love how vibrant the colours are! Would love to own these two colours one day. Also I’ve read several reviews on this product. Everyone loves it!

Saw an online seller selling this for $38 each (!!!) (It costs roughly SGD30 in Singapore so $38 is reasonable enough) – also a reason why I’m putting this on my wishlist. I need time to afford this HAHAHA

I’m kinda in a break from buying makeups too hahaha! (excluding ELF Lip Brush I received a few days ago – ordered this a few months back, also my new compact powder since I lost mine. So these two are an exception!)

Lime Crime Velvetines comes in 6 different shades (including Wicked, Pink Velvet, Black Velvet and Salem). Ah I love Wicked too! But I guess the shade will not suite me though.


Also it will be helpful if someone can tell me where I can get this in Malaysia? Anyone?


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