5 years on the road


Actually exhausted. Finally done with report – stayed at uni until around 9pm but of course, dugaan ada dimana-mana. Ink printer habis la pula! Redha je la.

Decided to just do my usual mandatory check – Facebook, e-mail and all, and when I opened wordpress, apparently today (16/4) is my blog’s 5th anniversary!

Dear blog, you’ve gone through my high and low, you’ve changed a lot from a daily (or rather a monthly) journal, to a food review and travel blog, and now you’re also a beauty blog. It’s been rough, I know. People hardly blog these days, but I appreciate all my silent readers who kept checking for updates (you know who you are!).. Recently all my blog stats are mainly on beauty reviews and my trips to Seoul. So yay to that.

I know I rarely update anymore but no one really has the time for anything anymore. Which is also a reminder to myself – to make time for myself. After exam is done, that is!

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah. Through this blog, I’ve meet new blog friends over the years (and even became close to a few of them). And through this blog, I can look back to the past, and see how things have changed to a better position. May this blog continue to gain more traffic, continue to improve in the near future. InsyaAllah. Here’s to another 5 years and more to blogging!


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