Silly Love


You know what they say about love? It’s stupid. It’s silly and stupid. There’s no way on earth that you will ever figure out how love works. It just happens. One moment, you might end up with silly love you’ve been hoping for. Another time, you might end up on the stupid side. Then again, we never gave up in love. We kept searching for it, wherever we go, whenever we want to. Why? That’s the magic of love. No matter how much you get hurt, you still end up hopelessly searching for one. Or maybe just dumbly wait for your past love to return.

Whatever choice you made, it’s all up to you, really. Either way, you will still end up getting hurt in the process. But that’s how we learn to be strong. That’s how we learn to continue living our life. From the mistakes we made.

Learn from your mistakes and move on. You can’t just stay and hope things will get back the way it was. People come and go from your life as they please. Sure, it hurts, but why bother? You will just end up spending the rest of your day, weeks or months wasting your time for something or someone that is not worth your time and probably not worth waiting for. So live life to its fullest for you will find someone or something worth living for.

thoughts. xx.


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