Noralizah & Iskandar House of Curry

Now who doesn’t know this place?

The last time I went here was years ago, pretty much because I have no sense of direction, also because this place is always packed. ALWAYS. The best time to come here is around 9.45am because everyone would already have the place BUT not before 10.15am because another crowd will come in.

This place is famous for their good roti/murtabak  for breakfast or hi-tea.

We ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak Ayam to be shared and roti for each one of us.

The Nasi Lemak Ayam costs $4.50. $5.50 for daging and $6 for special (I’m assuming both ayam and daging). Now, speaking of overprices Nasi Lemak, is it worth it or is it not? It is. First, we love the rice – probably because I’ve been disappointed by several restaurants, serving me normal white rice and not rice infused in coconut milk. Second, we love the portion. You get what you paid for, so I won’t exactly say it’s overpriced for the portion they gave us. Third, the sambal was just nice. Not bland, but not much of a wow factor but just nice. And fourth, they served a good portion of chicken. Yes, two pieces but it’s juicy, crispy and big. Unlike some places who served us small and dry chicken. So another point for this place. Yay!

I had Roti Pisang as my main. It costs $4.40 for full set and $3 without condiments. I had mine full set, with chicken curry, corned beef and sardine. Another favorite. I love the crispiness, it’s not oily, the portion of banana in the roti is perfectly spread. Surprisingly, it goes well with curry and the other condiments. It would taste nice with condensed milk too – ah I should’ve asked for one.

There are four various condiments available – corned beef, sardine, spiced dhal and acar (fermented veggies).



20140509-144807.jpgAnd of course, the meal will not be complete without any dessert. I had the Ice Kacang – it’s different than usual ABC of course. It’s made up of shaved ice, smashed peanuts, raisins, lychee, jellies and gula melaka. This is good but I think my heart is still for KTM Cafe’s ABC. Haha!

20140509-144816.jpgAs stated earlier in this post, try not to come during peak hours. Also it might  be a little bit hard getting a parking in front of the building.

Those who has trouble finding this place, it is located within the same building as KFC, Wywy and TAIB in Lambak.


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