Lucky Toast

KTM Cafe is one of my favorite lepak, lazy-to-cook-jom-makan-outside place. I loved my Nasi Lemak there when I first tried it but not until they changed the sambal 😦

We were searching for a place to have quick hi-tea. Since it’s nearby our place, so why not?

Tried the Lucky Toast. It’s filled with buttermilk sauce, chicken and prawn. I had a high expectation on this since I love their buttermilk chicken BUT apparently those two are two different thing. The sauce in this toast is a little bland but it has a good amount of bits of prawns and chicken. What I love about this toast is the bread! It has this sweet and savory taste on the bread. So I don’t mind ordering this again for the bread – no worries, there’s different types of toasts available there 😉

The fries, however, is quite little and dry but considering the fact that I am not a “fries person”, I didn’t mind.


And of course. A must have here. My all time favourite. ABC. I usually dine in just for this or sometimes I ‘tapao’ this home since I live nearby. There was this time when their machine broke down for about a month or so (I actually went there almost every week checking on the ABC), I was so frustrated. But no worries, everything is good now 😛


Not sure if I am back to blogging for good or not. I have tons of posts on my drafts, waiting for me to fill them in. Oh well. Let time decided. But for now, I am queuing as much posts as I can to keep this blog updated.


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