Lok Lok

Realized that there’s a new food kiosk at Giant Rimba – don’t mind me, that’s my only ‘mall’ ever since I am in ITB/started driving.

Lok Lok Fun! I’ve always wanted to try one from @loklokkitani but I can’t be bothered to drive all the way to Stadium. Then I saw this place! It’s located at the right entrance, nearby KFC and BIBD, on the left side of the door. You will not miss their banner! It costs $1 per stick.


All you gotta do it choose the one you want from their freezer (choices available are fishcakes, fish balls, prawn balls, etc), give it to them and they’ll cook it like a steamboat for you.


After it’s cooked they’ll drown it with provided sauce. You can choose from Kacang (peanuts), chilli, kicap (soy sauce) or a mix – which we did ask for all. They’ll also ask if you want your Lok Lok to be spicy. We did, so they added Lada Rindu (the chilli we usually add to our Soto). I love this. You probably only need 5 minutes or less for your Lok Lok to be ready.



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