Sofina 2.1 by Sometime and Vivy Yusof of FashionValet

Note: As usual, most of my posts are self-sponsored unless stated otherwise.

I’ve always loved Sofina bags – these bags are designed by Vivy Yusof of FashionValet. But I kept missing the ordering hours and whatnot, and these bag sells like hot cakes! And then I found out that they are releasing the finale of Sofina – THE Sofina 2.1.It comes in SIX colours as shown in the picture below.

They informed that subscribers will be able to view it first at 10 am on Monday. AND unluckily for me, I had to be at school to meet my supervisor. But lucky enough I was done five minutes before 10am. And luckily enough, the wifi at uni was good!



(Images credit to FahionValet)

I had to keep refreshing the page because it kept crashing due to traffic. And I had to keep checking my email for the newsletter. It took me 19 minutes with a lot of crying too. Managed to put two into my cart but ended up just choosing Turquoise. Fast forward to today… Woke up to my package already signed probably by my maid. I was happy and excited!

FashionValet provides FREE shipping to Brunei so all I had to pay was the bag (RM169 but I had RM10 discount so yay!). And what’s great is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to the post office because they used DHL so the package is sent directly to your doorstep.


I love the size of the bag. Just perfect for me. And this bag can be styled in different ways! Normal handbag, or style it with the studded handle, as a sling bag. It’s all up to your creativity. Different style for different days and moods perhaps?







It comes with two long handles – one with studs and one plain long handle to convert the bag into a sling bag.

20140514-162103.jpgAs for the compartments, it has one big space for all your stuff, one smaller one, one zipped compartment in between for your important stuffs and one smaller zipped compartment for smaller stuff and two smaller pockets for your phone and keys.



Nevertheless, this is my best purchase for the past five months! Thank you Fashion Valet!



  1. Hi,

    Do you have any prob with the bag? I have the last batch, received this month. And the leather starts to come out. So I wonder whether it is because of the way I use it (totally being careful) or because of the bag.

    1. hi! so far no. I’ve stopped wearing it since I switched to another bag. But while I was using it, the leather was okay, except for some part scratched by my cat =.= but i do realize the material can be a little fragile after some time.

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