Adika Restaurant Kiarong

And so my fitness resolutions failed again. Been going out for hi-tea dates. A lot of em. Either the promised ones (with my friends) or dragged by sister, or an impromptu date. Damn it. Yes. Sesi bina badan. I need to stop my extreme food intake now. My wallet is getting thinner by day, and the atm or the bank is probably rolling their eyes looking at my account. Mind you, I always save up a small amount of my allowance each month. But I have none this month. NONE. Damnit. Oh well. I should have just taken a second part time job.

ANYWAY. To the main topic. Yes. Food. I have a lot of drafts waiting for me. So yeah. Here is one of my queued posts.

Been reading a couple of reviews (and ig posts) on this restaurant, so I’ve decided to give this place a try. It is located next to Nadj Restaurant Kiarong, right opposite Hokko.

Apparently this place is also quite popular since they have a lot of kuih for breakfast and hi-tea – they have a corner for this next to the cashier.

We ordered Kolomee with Red BBQ Chicken but they ran out of it, so they substituted it with minced chicken. Not bad. It was quite nice. One of my go-to Kolomee place.

20140514-161412.jpgRemember Lucky Toast from KTM Cafe? Ah they have it here too. I love the sauce here! It’s sweeter compared to KTM’s. Best eaten while it’s still hot and fresh. So yes, another favorite.


20140514-161428.jpgThe reason I went here was because I saw TigerLim’s photo on this specific menu. Their Wet Beehoon with Seafood. I requested it to be added with egg too. Yes it does look good. The portion was quite full, good for a heavy breakfast or lunch. The noodle was a little bit dry so you have to mix everything well. The prawn and fish are fresh when I had it there. But the sauce was a little bland. How I wish they provided white pepper powder on the table, and I couldn’t be bothered to ask for one. But it was still a nice dish.


Price wise, this place is affordable. Our food ranged from $3 to $4.50. Won’t mind to come back for their Luck Toast and Kolomee. Thumbs up for that.


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