Hi-tea at Nur Wanita

One thing I always love is hi-tea at Nur Wanita. It’s always the three of us #ClingyFriends, hanging out after work, for one good BTS (the toast we always ordered). So I set up another date the day I was in Seria. But Azy is off for her maternity leave.

So it was just the #DoubleUmmi plus Abby (aka Abang GTR) lol! Abby is the guy who forced me to join netball (damn it Abby haha). Sorry not sorry though By. He was supposed to attend his football session after our hi-tea (but us girls made him guilty about him promising us the whole afternoon just for us, so he ditched football HAHAHA! Talking about priority though, by)

I love how quiet this place is. It’s hard to find parking there (in KB Branch) during working hours though. But there’s always only us during hi-tea.

BTS – toast with syrup and ice cream. One simple toast. But we love it! I usually share mine with Ummi. Heehehe forever clingy! This one costs $4.50





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