Favorite Ayam Penyet in KB!

Wanted to write about this when I was still in BSP but never got the chance to do so.

I am always a big fan of Pondok Sari Wangi Ayam Penyet (LOVE!). So I was quite Ayam-Penyet-Deprived (does that even make sense?) when I was doing my internship there. Until my colleagues introduced me to this place. No fancy shmancy Ayam Penyet place. Just a normal, quiet restaurant. So last week I decided to visit my ex-colleagues and satisfied my craving for my favorite penyet in KB.

It’s just Ayam Penyet, of course. But probably the best I’ve tried while I was there (won’t say the best in KB Town or Seria since I did not try everything). I love the sambal. Not as hot as I liked it BUT it was tasty. Although there was one time the sambal got a little too spicy for my tastebud. Lol! It’s served with the usual veges and either tauhu and tempe, or two tauhu, or two tempe. Whichever they have that day. This costs $5.


They have several types of Nasi Penyet too – udang, tenggiri, rumahan, etc.

To go with this, we usually order Pakis – I think cooked with belacan. Or kangkung. A good company with the penyet. Yum!

20140520-004721.jpgThank you Dayah and Ummi for accompanying me! Hehe..

Oh where is it located?

Their address is:

Lot 4005, Jalan Setia DiRaja,
Kuala Belait, KA3131.+673 3347373

When you go from Seria to KB, pass by the school and fire station. Find Jalan Setia Di Raja. It is located before you pass Srikandi if I’m not mistaken. When you enter the road, enter the very first simpang on your right. It’s exactly right after you enter Jalan Setia DiRaja. The restaurant is located at the corner.



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