Another Café


Hello! Quick review of the day. Whee~ 🙂

So, a clingy friend of mine *cough Ummi cough* told me about this place, so we set up an impromptu date today, here.

First thing first, location. It’s located at the same building with Guan Chuan Kiulap, opposite Bakerlyn Cafe.

The ambiance  is quite nice to have a quick chit chat with your friends. But the seats are quite limited. There are only two small round table and a long table on the wall which can accommodate 5 people.


20140524-171600-62160318.jpgThey serve quite a number of coffees. I tried their Iced Latte – I should have asked for Hot Latte instead hahah! Initially wanted Caramel Macchiato but I might end up not sleeping again (lesson learned after previous incident tsk tsk) Oh well. Love the coffee. It’s quite strong but just nice.


I had the Grilled Panini Cheese Chicken Pepper Onion and Tomato ($6.5). They cut it into.. six pieces. So it’s easier for you to eat as finger food. I was actually unsure about ordering this (considering the fact that I dislike onion) but the panini turned out to be good. The panini comes in two types – chicken and beef. Shall try beef the next time I come here.

20140524-171559-62159415.jpgUmmi had Apple Pie ($5) which I believe is from Food Remix (please correct me if I am wrong). Quite nice too. Minus the raisins (bekos like I said previously, not a fan of raisins). This makes me want to start baking apple crumble again. Anyone? Hehe


Improvement I would like to see will be.. more space and more items in the menu. Nevertheless, we had a great time in the cafe.



Had a great chat with Ummi and guess who I bumped onto! Abang Sasa! I mean Zul. Hahaha! He was my office mate during my internship.




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