Fleur De Lys – Thai Chicken Curry and Salmon Croque

Just a short, quick review.

Seems like I’ve been going to Fleur De Lys for hi-tea way too much lately. Almost every weekend actually. (And my wallet is getting thinner. Tsk tsk!)

I usually go for their Spaghetti Prawns in Tom Yam Sauce or sometimes the Aglio Olio (which I love too!). But I’ve decided to try something else. I love the Salmon Quiche BUT I haven’t had the chance to grab one for the past three or four trips. 😦

I tried the Thai Green Curry Chicken Pie. Another favorite. The chicken comes in huge chunks, the sauce taste good. An 8 out of 10 for me!

20140520-004056.jpgHow the filling looks like.. Yummy! ….okay the photo did not do any justice. Haha


I also found another new favorite. Salmon Croque. It costs $11 but it’s totally worth the money. It’s basically grilled sandwich with smoked salmon, on brioche bread with sauce and cheese. It’s bigger than what I thought it would be. And they put generous amount of salmon on the sandwich. Love love love!


Also I am glad that the waitresses are not as sulky as before. They respond better now. Although sister told me that the waiter is still quite rude. Hm.




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