Afternoon date at Country Patch

After almost a month through my semester break, I finally had the chance to do some catch up session with my bestfriend – Hikkie. We usually go for Fleur De Lys but this time I dragged her to Country Patch. Too bad it was just a quick catch up session. I miss you already! Oh it’s been 10 years. Ten years growing up side by side. I am glad to have you around, even though we rarely talk to each other ever since we’re in uni. Although we are in the same uni!

20140602-023503-9303231.jpgProbably the only time I like to dress up. Lol!

20140602-023502-9302723.jpgLast time I had the full American breakfast set, so I decided to settle down with my usual – Caesar Salad. Wanted chicken but I settled for Salmon. It was round $9+ if I’m not mistaken but I love the fact that they put chunks of salmon on it (I ended up giving quarter or half of it to bestie. Lol!)



Bestie, on the other hand, had a light meal. She ordered the calamari rings. Nothing fancy about it. Love it though. It is served with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce and Mayo.


20140602-023503-9303678.jpgCountry Patch is my second favorite place for hi-tea after Fleur De Lys. Although it may look like the food are pricey, you get what you paid for. Large portion, good food. I foresee us having more date here. Oops! 😛


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