Ding Tea

No. No fancy shmancy photos of this cafe. We went there when there was groups of students inside so we ended up sitting outside because it was quite noisy! (But I will surely come back to take photos there. Heck I even will bring a photographer with me. Okay kidding :P) The place is actually quite big but the seating arrangement made it looks cramped. But then again, it’s quite nice to have a quick catch up session there. Without noisy students around, that is.

20140602-023204-9124292.jpgI had Pudding Milk Tea while sister had the Red Bean Smoothies. Love ’em both. Price wise, it was quite cheap. So one point for that.

20140602-023205-9125754.jpgIt took me awhile to figure out what the pudding tastes like. Maybe caramel. But I’m not sure. But the milk tea was quite nice to drink. A little sweeter compared to Easy Way, or Boba Tea. But not too sweet that it will make you go diabetic. Just nice for me.

20140602-023204-9124765.jpgRed Bean Smoothies, on the other hand, was.. not bad. I still love Boba Tea’s but this will be on my second favorite place if Boba Tea ever run out of red beans. The smoothie is smoother compared to Boba Tea’s though, so that is a plus point.



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