Pavillion – Food Hunting Trip!

Had a quick shopping trip with sister last week. Just the two of us. Bliss! I had fun. Pampered myself with a lot of new tops and shoes (of course these come with a price. My one year saving and my salary gone. Lol!) Nevertheless, thank you mama for letting us have this trip. Before my results are released 😛 (Okay panic attack!! Counting days till results day!)

So Day One! We went to Pavillion.

20140602-015235-6755991.jpgSister took this shot after we got out of taxi. And there was quite a traffic at that time. I was embarrassed but heck no one knows us there 😛

We had our lunch at Tarbush Express. Love the Lamb Shawarma! Sister had the Chicken Shawarma. RM12 for a large portion. But please, please, please do go for the large portion. It looks normal to me (God knows how small portion looks like!) It comes with a side of salad, hummus, sambal and coleslaw. I am not a coleslaw-person but it taste nothing like KFC’s coleslaw (ugh) so yay to that!


20140602-015236-6756601.jpgWe went to UNIQLO after that and came back to Pavilion (since I wanted to go to Typo and Cotton On and Daiso! Oh my god I love Daiso!)

Walked pass this ice cream stall called JPop. For RM9.90 you can get one cute ice cream 😛 I had Raspberry Popsicle. Sibeh nice leh! Kinda like a soft ice cream. They had several flavours (no, photo taking is not allowed. Blergh!) including wasabi (!!!)


I also saw a halal Korean food stall (they put the food in a takeaway box. nice!) behind Tarbush Express. Actually forgot to tapau some for dinner 😦 Oh well maybe next time.


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