Pepper Lunch – Food Hunting Trip!

Right.. where we we?

Ah yes. So last year, exactly a year ago, I did another food hunting trip (but I did not blog about it) mostly in Sunway Pyramid and Johor. One of my favorite was… Pepper Lunch! But this time I did not go to Sunway. So I had my dinner at Pepper Lunch Express @ KLCC. I think the price is way cheaper than at their restaurant. I had the one with Salmon.

They will put your main meat (raw) – chicken, salmon.. around your rice. Corn, pepper and whatnot on your rice. Once you get your food, you gotta mix everything well until everything is cooked. You can also add sauce of your choice which is available at their counter (or on your table if you’re dining at the restaurant).

The dish is simple but delicious. I secretly hope they will open a branch in Brunei now that we see more international brands are coming in to Brunei.




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