Wafflemeister – Food Hunting Trip!

So we came across Wafflemeister in KLCC. First knew this from Syaf’s food blog (great blog for food hunting in KL!)

The display attracted us. Damn look how good the waffles look like!



But since we just had our dinner, we opted for the light one. Waffle with chocolate sauce on top. Remember, there is always room for desserts!

20140602-020301-7381920.jpgI don’t usually fancy waffle (but wait till my next waffle post on Dip ‘n Dip though), but this was an exception. In Brunei, I usually end up with oily, dry or crumbly waffle. Their waffle was exceptionally delicious and chewy. Even the chocolate isn’t any cheap quality chocolate. Super. Good. But of course, it’s quite pricey for a small waffle. The price ranges from RM9 or 10 up to RM19 for a single waffle. But then again, for something delicious, I don’t mind paying for this (also because it is not available in Brunei).

(But if this were to open a branch in Brunei, I can already hear people complaining how “pricey” these are. Just like when Pappa Rich started their business here. Lol!)





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