Dip n’ Dip – Food Hunting Trip!

Well, well, well. You have met Wafflemeister. Time to meet its contender. Dip ‘n Dip!

I saw someone posted this on Instagram days before I went to KL. And then, the day I arrived, a friend of mine who was there for training told me its whereabout. I was a happy kid!

But of course, I can only dine there when I’m around IKEA. Luckily that day, we did went to IKEA for lunch. And like I said previously, there’s always room for dessert. So we went to The Curve (right in front of IKEA). According to blogs, people said it’s somewhere along the link to e-Curve – walk from The Curve TO e-Curve. We walked half way and was frustrated that it was nowhere to be found! Stuck between my desperation to satisfy my crave and the possibility of having no taxi to get back to our hotel (because it was about to rain), I ended up dragging my sister to do one final round. And yay we did found it. You just have to walk all the way until you spot McD (below it) or Leko Restaurant.


I ordered a Chocolate Waffle (RM17). Again, not a disappointment. Probably a little bit bigger than wafflemeister but still pricey. But of course, no regret. The waffle is topped with rich Belgian waffle and yes, it is chewy as well. Heaven on mouth. Tak tipu!

20140602-021438-8078352.jpgSister ordered Fondant  (RM13.50). Almost like a Molten Cake actually (same price, but Molten Cake is more liquid-y compared to Fondant). Love love love this as well. But the ice cream was quite a disappointment. It tastes a little off (by that, I meant, it tastes ‘murah’. So meh). But the cake was nice.



So. Do I love Wafflemeister more OR Dip ‘n Dip? Taste wise, I love Dip ‘n Dip – probably because it is ‘flooded’ with chocolate. But for days I can’t afford this, Wafflemeister is my to-go-waffle.





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