Desserts and Accessories

Iklan sekejap ye~

I once created a Facebook Page for my food business (Guilty Pleasure) but I ended up with sticking to Instagram followed by quite a long hiatus after that due to my internship and exams.

(From my previous bake sale)

And after a year, I opened up another Instagram for my Accessories (Summer Kiss). (If any of you remember, yes I used to own Lovetoshop Brunei where I sold accessories and whatnot back in 2009-2010)

Yes, it is quite a hassle handling both at the same time but Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

But today, I came across my old Facebook Page. So I’ve decided to revamp the page (since it still has several likes anyway) and combined it into one page for both my business. I will still update both my business accounts on Instagram, but this page insyaAllah will provide access to those who doesn’t have Instagram account.

So do Like my Facebook Business Page yeah!

Click click click -> Desserts and Accessories by Syahirah Yakob


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