My usual – Food Hunting Trip!

But of course, I will never miss my usual whenever I’m in KL.

I’ll have the cheap Tutti Frutti (while I spent BND20 for a medium cup in Brunei, I spent RM20 on a large cup in KL). I took 5 flavours. And what I love about Tutti Frutti at Jalan TAR is that they have tables and chairs upstairs and it’s nice to see people walking from above.

20140602-022216-8536290.jpgBack in Seoul, I always have Banana and Strawberry Milk. Lucky for us, ISetan had Korean Food Promo that day. So we grabbed some milk and my favorite Milkis. Yummy! (Milkis is carbonated milk-yoghurt drink. Sounds weird but it tastes surprisingly good.)

20140602-022217-8537487.jpgAnd every Bruneians’ favorite – Nando’s! The closest we have is in KK, but when was the last time I went there anyway? I hardly even go to Limbang or Miri. Hahah!

20140602-022216-8536769.jpgMy favorite Nasi Lemak has to be the one from Old Town White Coffee. Along with their signature white coffee – PERFECT.

20140602-022217-8537959.jpgLast but not least, Subway! I know we have something similar now – Eileen’s and also Sabriyana. Tried Sabriyana but so far, I’m not a fan. Any reviews on Eileen’s, anyone?



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