Dominos and Meatballs – Food Hunting Trip!

Had lunch at Ikea before we went to Dips ‘n Dips.

Had this cake which I have forgotten its name. Love it!


And also Macaroni and Meatballs. My first. The meatballs do not taste bad but it is quite overrated. Why does everyone love it, really?

20140602-022839-8919737.jpgNormal chicken wings. Quite cheap. Love it. But one thing about Ikea’s food cafe is.. it is super hard to find a table! So if you’re with your friends, let them find seats while you order your food. Sibeh packed especially during lunch hour! Also they have different menu for breakfast.


Called Dominos for delivery to our hotel. Waited an hour because they sent my orders to the wrong place. Hmph. But it is quite cheap (when you buy two pizzas instead of one). I love love love their pizza. I had the one with all cheese. Even requested for their cheese-filled crust. Cheese overload! Sister had the one with prawns (right I’m bad with names). It’s easy to finish one box by ourselves oops!

Our Pizza Hut now offers “make your own pizza” too! And is their online ordering system working already?



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