Walnut and Burgers – Food Hunting Trip!

One last and short post on KL. We had our dinner at Burger King.

And I learned one thing from my sister. Use the salt to reduce Coke’s fizziness. Interesting. It works though. Anyone else does this?


Also went to Harrod’s to have Walnut Scones. The cashier was not friendly – I consider him as rude though. Please lah ah, I pay for my food. I deserve a “Thank You” at least. Hmph. But oh well. Not a fan of the Walnut Scones though. Too crumbly and too dry. So no thanks.




One comment

  1. Yes, a simple Thank You would be nice… Sad la when we go to restaurants and cafes and they dont say thank you. but they would say thank you to tourists. Hmmm, thats through my random observations la….

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