Two weeks ago, as usual, I had my #DoubleUmmi day out. It was also to celebrate my exam result which was released that morning (Alhamdulillah for getting my very first distinctions! Got 2 Distinctions and 2 Merits!)

Since we were at Airport Mall, we decided to have our hi-tea at Matadoe. It was my first time there. Tips for you – find a table under the fan. It can get a little hot in there.

20140615-225024-82224017.jpgThis place serves both Asian and Western cuisine. Ummi had Chicken Pie – BND2.90. Did not try hers but according to her it was okay.

20140615-225025-82225522.jpgAs for me, I had a cup of cappucino (BND5.20) and Beef Lasagna (BND7.20). The portion is not huge for the price you pay but taste wise, it was nice. But it didn’t give me the “must-come-back-for-more” feelings. It was so-so. I have yet to find a place that serves good lasagna.



Nevertheless, it is quite a nice place to have hi-tea or catch up sesh. It was quite when we were there and the music was good. And I love the setting of this place.




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