High Frequency Cafe

So! A few weeks ago, I FINALLY got to try High Frequency Cafe. There’s been a lot of cafes opening around Brunei lately, so yes, I am currently hunting for the perfect cafe to hang out.

High Frequency is located in Batu Bersurat, opposite Fun Bee Park, next to Artly Design. In case you can’t find them, the signboard says “Kafe Renjis” and not High Frequency.

I went there for the first time during our “mini” reunion with my high school friends. Super mini. There was only four of us. Lol! With everyone going their separate ways, and staying all around the world, it is hard to get everyone back together!


IMG_6901.JPGFirst thing I love about this place is the interior. So tumblr-ish. And it would be nice to have my #OOTD photoshoot there lol 😛

Their wall was filled with movie posters, antiques and so on, at one point it gave the hipster-feel. And the tables and chairs are interesting too! They have different kind of tables and chairs with different heights.


IMG_6879.JPGSecond thing I love about this place is the music they played. We actually sang along to the cover songs they were playing. No worries, we were the only ones there. Haha. Oh, we went there during weekdays. I came by last week on Saturday and it was packed! So it gets a little noisy – minus point! So note to self, don’t go during weekends.

Price wise, they are more on the fancy side. So, although this place is now one of my go-to places, I can’t afford to come over every week.

Jo had Azteca d’Oro which is tea with Cacao Extract. No idea how it tastes like but it smells like chocolate. Yums! This costs $4.50 for a pot of hot Azteca d’Oro.


I had the Cream Soda – it tastes like the normal cream soda (d-uh) and I had the same thing the second time I went here. This one costs $4.


I did a research beforehand (ALWAYS do this before going to anywhere new) and I found out that they serve Mentaiko Pasta. I like mentaiko (it’s marinated roe). Mentaiko tastes a little salty and has this distinct taste (not in a bad way) but it tastes good if you eat it together with the pasta. They used angel hair pasta for this dish (which I love!). Will I go back for this? Sure, why not. But I have a lot more to try out from this place. This dish cost me $13.50 and this dish is served only from 8am to 4pm.


Jo had H.F Pan Bread with asiago and mozzarella. LOVE. I had this the second time I visited High Frequency. It costs $7.50 for 6 buns? Eat it while it’s still hot. Purrrrfect!

IMG_6884.JPGTims and Naz had the Cajun Chicken and Pumpkin Waffles ($16.50). I did not try this but it looked good so… next visit I’ll go for this! They both commented that it was super good.


The place opens from 8am to 10pm. Their address is:
1st Floor, Unit 5,
Block B, Sempurna Complex,
Batu Bersurat, Brunei


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