IMG_7949-0.JPGI’ve been on a HUGE shopping spree for the past couple of months! I received my Fashion Valet FV Basics last Thursday. Got myself a Team Bride and Kay El pullover (the other two is my sister’s and Miley’s). LOVE. They are super comfy and I love the cotton! $70 well spent on both LOL


IMG_8008-0.JPGOBVIOUSLY I wore it right away.. Actually the next day. Paired it with a grey square hijab, my favorite pair of jeans and my current favorite flats.

IMG_7989-0.JPGAnd then, the next day, I received my order from Zalora. SUPER. FAST. Got my new dress AND my new lipstick (gotta love Stila!)

IMG_7999-0.JPGAlso went to Shop at Sarah and got myself a NYX Soft Lip Cream in Copenhagen (in reference to my post on hi-tea date with my clingy friends).

I know I have TONS of make up review to upload. But so much commitment for that T.T Let me take it slow. I’ll make sure I’m done with my assignments, presentation and demo first! Ah food review is much more easier to make (but it comes with a price. Fats. Especially on the hips).



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