foodpanda – First Purchase!

Hi ya’ll!

I’m finally having my semester break – one week only though 😦 I was busy during the weekend as we had wedding event at my house for two days straight so I ended up having two days of hibernation although I had to work in the evening.. Hm.

So I’m back on track with my team members, handling our final year project – wish us luck! πŸ˜₯

We decided to do our meeting at Pichan’s place in Tungku, and since foodpanda is still not available in my area, I decided to give it a try at her house. Oh please add some restaurants for my area, there’s quite a lot of dining places nearby.


Wanted to use the mobile app but there was some error so second option – use their website which is

Last time I posted on how to use their app, this time I’ll show you how to order from their website πŸ™‚

First! Open their link. Enter your city and location.


They will show you a list of restaurants that are available in your area.fp2

We chose Burger King – yum!fp3

Choose your meal. Click Add.fp4

For example, I chose BK Double Turkey Bacon. After I clicked Add, a pop-up window appeared asking whether I want to upgrade my meal and to choose my drink. Click Continue.fp5

Your order details will appear on the right side of your screen. Keep ordering until it reaches the minimum order πŸ˜‰ And then click Proceed to Checkout. If you have not registered, you will be asked to register your details.

fp6The system will send you a verification code via your phone. Once you’re done, they’ll show a page as shown below – excuse the catwang labels – had to cover my friend’s details hehe πŸ˜€

IMG_8629.PNGEnter the number on the website and your order is confirmed! Another message will be sent to you (as shown below) as the final confirmation.


And voila! You’re done. All you gotta do is wait for your food to arrive.

I was already imagining every worst scenarios (ie never getting my food, my food being sent to other place instead) but nope. I was a happy kid!

I also imagined that a panda mascot would come over to send my food (of course that won’t happen lol!) but a guy came over with his car AND MY FOOD! (Apparently he’s a UBD student doing a part time job. Cool!)


Photo courtesy of foodpanda. Please let the panda send my food next time hehehe!



Efficiency – excellent. Although the mobile app had some loading error, the fact that I have another option of ordering via the website is great. But I love the app. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I hate talking on the phone. And ordering through foodpanda is only one click away. Amazing invention for someone who is too lazy to drive around (i.e me)

Time taken to deliver food – great, as they promised to deliver it in an hour and it did. Although I ended up with another coke instead of Sprite, and extremely soggy fries but I shouldn’t complain. I should be thankful enough to have someone deliver me food LOL It’s better than not getting any at all kan?

Consistency in delivery – I have yet to try foodpanda again, on a different restaurant, whether I will get my food faster, exactly one hour or a little late. So I’m excited for this! Whose house should I go next? πŸ˜› (Okay I think I spent on food a little too much this month. This is very very VERY worrying hahaha!)

Area/Location – needs more improvement by adding more restaurants and areas. But I know this will take time as they have just started in Brunei. So patience is virtue, dear young padawan, for you will be spoiled with more choices one day. ALSO! Good news to those who live at Mukim Liang. foodpanda is now available there (for now, only KFC). I guess it will be available in Seria one day. Oh how I wish we have this app back when I was in Shell

Nevertheless, foodpanda is an amazing application for someone who can’t be bothered to drive all the way to a restaurant just to get food. Convenience at the tip of your fingers, ya’ll.



There’s so many new cafes lately. I need a new, affordable weekend/hangout place. Also I need to start limiting my budget for my weekly foodie outing!!


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