Here and there


Well.. you know where this post is heading. It’s October. And I need to set my priorities straight. So! I’ll be on a month long hiatus. Just for a month. Or a month and two weeks, max. I promise! 😥

Exam is coming soon, I need to finish up my project and assignments as well. Yes, I still do have overdue posts but no worries, they’ll be up once I’m back. So don’t miss me too much. I will still update on my Instagram (@miiksy) especially my makeup hauls or food updates. So follow me up!

Oh, Lynnie came back for a week last week (she went back to Seoul last Sunday) 😥 So all five of us had a catch up session. I last saw her during Ramadhan but it has been three years since all the five of us hang out together.

I also did a quick and light makeup on her using Pichan’s makeups. I think I am much more comfortable using mine hehe 😀 So not used to seeing her with makeup.


Anyways! I’ll see you girls (and guys?) soon? If you guys need anything, I’m pretty much reachable. I’m a call or a text away if you have my number, or you can click Contact Me on the navigation bar above for inquiries and what not.

All the best and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Miiksy / Syahirah


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