What’s in my make-up bag?

note: scheduled post

… And why I think I need an intervention.

Well, you see, I went on a MAJOR makeup spree this year. I went total nuts and ended up splurging at least (AT LEAST) BND50 per month only on makeup. I actually can’t afford myself anymore 😥 lol Luckily I have a part time job.

What’s in my Everyday Makeup Bag?

IMG_9004.JPGTwo-third of it are lipsticks, lip creams, lip gloss. It’s crazy! I have several more in my makeup stash (but shh!) I will review most of the products in the future, or you can contact me directly and request which post I should write first.

From top left, I have my newly bought Loreal Mat Magique in Rose Ivory – hit or miss? That will wait for my review. Next month. lol

Below it is my go-to Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White.



This is my very first BB Cream. Apparently it comes only in one shade which is Bright. When you first apply it, it will be VERY obvious that the cream is way, way, way lighter than your skin colour. Not sure about you girls, but after I put on face powder, the tone settled down into my actual skin colour. I only wear this when I have events to attend. It contains SPF 50+ so it is good for your skin especially you live in very sunny areas like Brunei.

I won’t say it is my favorite, but it is the only one I own that is decent. I have Holika Holika’s but I don’t really like it that much because it made my skin even oilier (despite it being claimed suitable for oily skin).


I am obviously on the right. Excuse my chubby cheeks.

On top, there’s my NYX Lip Liner in Burgundy and my ELF Retractable Lip Brush.

I like how creamy the lip liner is. It glides smoothly and the pigmentation is quite good. I will give more reviews and swatches in another post dedicated to my NYX products.

The retractable lip brush is normal, nothing fancy schmancy about it.

Then there’s my Nivea Lip Balm, IN2IT Lipstick in Sephia, my newly bought Stila lipstick in Nude, The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Redhot Raspberry , NYX Lipcream in Copenhagen (love!) and Istanbul, followed by my (another favorite) Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Fiery.

Then there’s my Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry, two NYX Lip buttercreams and my favorite The Face Shop Face:It Waterproof Autoliner.

Next to those are my Revlon Colour Stay Matte Balm, NYX’s Mascara in Le Frou Frou, Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner and IN2IT Liquid Eyeliner.

I will make a separate post for NYX products, Benefit products, Limecrime and Stila lipsticks 😀

Why did I bring all different shades of lipstick in my “everyday” make up bag when I won’t even use most of them?
I love choices. One day, I wanna wear nude or light coloured lipsticks, another day I might wanna use my bold coloured lipsticks.

Why can’t I leave them at home? It’s a hassle to keep changing my lipstick in my bag so why not all? 😉

I think it is time for me to limit my spending on lipsticks. Maybe I should only start spending after I finish writing ALLLLL these reviews. Oh well.

What’s in YOUR make-up bag?


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